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Advantis gain CSA Collector Accreditation
Date 01/12/11

Advantis is extremely pleased to announce that having had all of our collection agents and back office staff pass the CSA Collector Accreditation Initiative, Advantis is now accredited as a business.

Accreditation is not only recognition that our business upholds the highest standards of compliance within the industry, but also that our own internal compliance training is absolutely fit for purpose. It is essential that compliance is placed at the very heart of any debt collection business, especially in the current economic climate.

The CSA CAI is another positive development by our trade body which continues to improve the professionalism and integrity of our industry. Earlier this year, the CSA and DBSG were heavily involved in discussions with the OFT on their standard debt collection letter guidance. More recently, they were a key stakeholder in discussions with the OFT regarding the revised debt collection guidance, something which has of course now been released following a lengthy period of consultation.

Our industry is going through huge changes for the better and Advantis is committed to staying ahead of developments.