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Debt Collection

Consumer and commercial debt are now both key features of the current economic climate and this is a trend which shows little sign of abating. Whilst many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to collect money which is owed to them, the market conditions have only served to reaffirm the approach which Advantis has always taken when going about its business. We provide collections approaches for clients which are tailored and personal whilst ensuring that payment arrangements for customers are affordable and suitable to their financial circumstances.

Advantis is ranked the top performing agency in over 90% of our clients’ supplier league tables.

Each debt portfolio received is assessed on its own merits and strategies involving telephony, multiple mailing campaigns and litigation are developed to suit our clients own business needs. In addition, we provide a wide range of payment options for customers in order to encourage quick payment.

Our aim is always to maximise the revenue our clients receive whilst ensuring that customers are dealt with professionally and appropriately.